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Ella Clocksin

Art can’t change the world. But it can help us navigate life’s deeper waters.

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NC Qin


“Thankfully, the situation is getting much better in Australia and looking back while I wrote those entries in earnest a while ago, I'm thankful things have not escalated to my very grim predictions.”

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Steven Heffer

Steven Heffer: on his working practice and coping with isolation

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Karen Loader

During Lockdown I have been working in my home studio. But with most of my materials and tools in my main studio in Woolwich I had to be resourceful and work with what was to hand.

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Lesley Wildman


“ In times like these, bringing the most important lessons out of the cupboard, so to speak, has given me so many things to explore and play with again”

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Ben Payne

“It's a challenge, adapting to the limitations we're facing. I'm thankfully able to get into my studio still, so I'm keeping some things rolling”

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Philippa Paterson

"As I am trying not to look too hard as to how this period of lockdown will cease, I am equally working in the here and now in my studio"

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Nathalie Maquet


"I am inspired by the beautiful nature around me and I am working on many ideas for my future paintings"

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Emily Hughes

North Wales

"have a home studio which in these current times I cant tell you how grateful I am for!"

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Amy McMillan

"For me, like most artists, the main barrier to making work was lack of time. Well now, we have heaps of it"

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Grant Simon Rogers


“It’s hard to stop. I have struggled with a sense of self in trying to do so. Its not what we are used to”

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Abigail Bowen


“As I work from home, I have been able to continue working hroughout the lockdown with no perceivable change in my practice.
However …..

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other stories

news and happenings from our artists

Mandy Payne

Sheffield, UK

Artist Interview, John Moores Painting Prize 2021

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Robyn Litchfield

Artist Interview, Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020


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Edwin Aitken


“One of the chosen artists to exhibit in this years Beep Painting Prize”

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Robyn Litchfield


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Joanna Whittle

We are delighted that lovely Joanna Whittle was announced the winner of the Contemporary British Painting Prize 2019.

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