Abigail Bowen

‘Slack and Zoom and countless Whats App groups. I'm exhausted!!!’

Question: How are you coping with the lockdown

I've reached burnout - couldn't sleep last night so am going to start meditating. Its all these new dam apps - Slack and Zoom and countless Whats App groups. I'm exhausted!!!

' As I work from home, I have been able to continue working throughout the lockdown with no perceivable change in practice. However, I have noticed that I am currently drawn to a lighter, and dare I say it more joyful palette than before. I think it is too early to tell whether this is a response to the current crisis, or even just a change in light and the weather, but I do feel that as I look around at the chaos unfolding I am drawn to create a place of sanctuary and calm'.

Abigail Bowen - painter