Robyn Litchfield

‘Jackson’s Painting Prize, 2020’

Category Prize Winner

The Hollow Place - oil on linen

Robyn Litchfield, who I am proud to say was the first artist to join me at the gallery, has been awarded, the Landscape / Cityscape / Seascape Award as part of the Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020. This will add to the long list of her many wonderful achievements to date.

Robyn says of her work “My paintings are representations of sublime encounters with places; pristine and untouched. I draw from archival photographs and personal documents relating to the early exploration and colonisation of New Zealand aiming to reimagine and examine the experience of forays into a hitherto unknown space. I’m interested in the idea of wilderness and the unknown as a terrain of the mind and as a place that induces reflexivity.”

Robyn has also been long listed for the RA Summer Exhibition which will now go ahead in the Autumn