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held in 43 Oxford Street our gallery holds regular events such as talks and film, previous ones include:

previous events have included:

January 2020 - Nick Nelson of Arcadia Eduction on “The Power of the Portrait”
A portrait commission presents the artist with two fundamental approaches: idealism or realism. It can also set up a tension between artist and sitter - this interaction was arguably most keenly explored by Lucian Freud. The rise of the self-portrait in the post-jungian era led to artists producing psychological portraits of introspection which delve beyond the limitations of photography. The portrait through the ages often provides an invaluable insight into the zeitgeist of each era.

December 2019 - Art Historian - Richard Cork on “Bomberg and the Old Masters”
A fascination with Old Masters: Richard Cork curates the forthcoming exhibition at The National Gallery. Cork’s talk revealed how Bomberg’s rebellious, youthful works drew inspiration from the paintings he most admired from artists such as Botticelli to Michelangelo. Far from inhibiting him, these Old Master paintings helped him leap forward and contribute to the language of early 20th-century modernist art at its most audacious.