Grant Simon Rogers


Photography is Grants mark making, it is an odyssey that has absorbed his life for the past twelve years. Constantly evolving but with pet themes that frame his making that include his love of the cinema, painting literature and food. They are a record of what the observes during his walks through the seasons, all are a variation of the same camera settings and an off camera flash. The variables are always the available light and his mood on the day.


'Photography is one of the things in my life that feels just right.' 

Grant does not think of his pictures as ‘Art’ this is to loaded a word. He thinks of them as head space and a time to reflect and meditate and he also does not take hundreds of "shots," but a few pictures of each subject and there is hardly any process involved. His unique style of photography references a mid twentieth century cinema technique known as “Day For Night” which gives the impression that many of the pictures are made in the night time or twilight hours. Using the available daylight he sets up his camera to make a very dark, underexposed image and then using a hand held flash to relight his subjects, trees and plants. The challenge for him is to make a photograph in the camera and to not post process on the computer. He is passionate about the language used in photography stating that 'We, the photographers, make the picture. The camera takes it'.

Trained at Portsmouth College of Art, he is passionate about art education and visual literacy and for all ages. Having worked at The Imperial War Museum as head of learning he now contributes to the free life long learning programmes at the National Gallery and other museums and cultural institutions.