• Darl.e and the Bear is an unofficial not-for-profit-run gallery. Alongside supporting our artists, we strongly believe in supporting our chosen charities. 

    We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are extremely aware of our natural surroundings and the fragility of the planet. 

    Darl.e (or rather originally Dali, its a long story but please do ask if interested)  is the art side of the gallery and The Bear is our planet-aware side.

    Art is an important 'lens' through which we and others experience the world. It can be a loud voice that shapes the way we think, to raise consiousness and be a positive vehicle for change.

    We are small but every little helps!


    who we support



    They envision the long-term survival of polar bears and the unique part of the world they call home. 

    Their mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

    PBI also work to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the threats to its future, and the connection

    of this fragile ecosystem to our global climate. 

    As a science-based organization with staff including leading polar bear scientists and partnerships that span the circumpolar Arctic, they focus on addressing both the long- and short-term challenges that

    polar bears face, with a goal of sustaining a future for the bears across the Arctic.


    for more information on Polar Bears International