Let Time Be Still: Robyn Litchfield

21 Jun - 6 Aug 2023

21 - 25 June at The Fitzrovia Gallery, London

Private View : 21 June, 6 - 8.30pm

Opening times : Weds - Sat 11-6pm, Sun 11-1pm


29 June - 23 July at Darl-e and the Bear, Woodstock

Private View : 1 July, 1 - 4pm

Opening times : Weds - Sun 10-4.30pm



'Robyn Litchfield takes us into some of the remaining original forests of her native New Zealand, where we quickly become lost in landscapes heavy with primeval time and memory. Instead of grand views and monumental scenes, her paintings linger among the trees, plants and waterways of these unique ecosystems. We travel with her on a journey deep into unfamiliar otherness, along waterways and tracks once used by the original settlers. We stumble across unexpected views, peering through a curtain of trailing fronds. We glide along silent creeks, gazing over stretches of water rippled with the entwined reflections of sky and foliage. We wonder at scenes of natural, untouched beauty, where sinewy tree trunks thrust leafy clouds into a cloudless sky. But the more we look, the more we become disorientated. Differences disappear and these forest scenes all begin to look the same, merging into a chaotic, peripheral confusion that disrupts the focussed desire of our gaze.'

Excerpt from a new essay for Let Time Be Still by Rev’d Dr Richard Davey. Read the full essay here.


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  • Robyn Litchfield, Time's Torrent Bed, 2022
    Robyn Litchfield, Time's Torrent Bed, 2022
    £ 10,000.00
  • Robyn Litchfield, Wanganui River, 2022
    Robyn Litchfield, Wanganui River, 2022
    £ 3,800.00
  • Robyn Litchfield, Lake Brunner, 2021
  • Robyn Litchfield, Forest Portal, 2022