Intimate Observations: Toby Rainbird

25 May - 6 Jun 2022
Toby Rainbird is a London-based figurative Artist from the Channel Islands.
Within intimate observations Toby explores quiet and intimate moments in his art through a combination of direct observation and colourful reimagining of his subjects.

His work seeks to convey a poetic sense of reflection; focusing his attention on contemplative, ambiguous and closed moments with individuals or in nature.

Rainbird's still-life pieces are centred around the exploration of the domestic items from his studio. When working with people from life became more difficult over the past few years, this body of work represents a retreat into the creative space to find inspiration within it.

Painting quickly and spontaneously, Toby revises and revisits a subject over many months until satisfied with the outcome. His work has a tendency towards bright colouration and texture - lacking fidelity to nature, instead of creating an expression of the subject and are often intimate in size.