Shadows of Nature: Caroline Nixon

5 - 23 Dec 2022
(Nixon) captures the beauty of nature using the pigments and imprints of the leaves themselves
About the artist


Caroline is a textile artist. She works with natural dyes and botanical contact printing ( ecoprinting)  to produce wearable art, wall art and home textiles. Working  from her garden studio in Long Compton, Warwickshire, she captures the beauty of nature using the pigments and imprints of the leaves themselves – no synthetic ink, dyes or silk screens are involved. A combination of pressure and steam coaxes the pigments from the leaves into the cloth or paper. 


The naturally occurring colours are soft and harmonious, and the process is non polluting and respectful of the environment. Despite the natural process, all the textiles are washable.


Combining the printing with other techniques such as shibori or hand stitch produces complex patterned cloth. 


The plants and dyes come  from sustainable  sources - many are  grown in her own garden. The smallest change  in plant species, climatic  conditions or water source can produce marked  variations  in the  prints, meaning every item is unique. The textiles used are natural fibres, organically produced and ethically sourced wherever possible. Vintage textiles are also upcycled, giving them a new lease of life. Much of the linen and lace is sourced from French brocantes and  local charity shops. The cooking pots used for processing are also recycled - copper preserving pans, cast iron laundry pots, aluminium cooking pots. All these techniques are the antithesis of today’s ‘throwaway’ society


You can view more of Caroline's work here