Tipping Point: Jeremy Morgan

26 Oct - 16 Nov 2022

Private View

all welcome

28 October, 5 - 7pm


Artist Talk

12 November



 Adopting a celebratory approach to colour and form, Jeremy Morgan explores how the worlds of design, technology, and the artisan can combine with analogue painting to create new, hybrid structures. The resulting works aim to address the instability, the contradiction and ultimately the potential of the contemporary world.


Work is often built from spliced together carpentry off-cuts, the arbitrary dimensions of these inherited materials suggesting both compositional starting points and structural restrictions to be flexed against, whilst minimising resource usage.


Morgan’s abstract paintings retain a toe-hold in the real world – geometric elements often appear to adhere to the familiar rules of physics. Chaotic yet playful, dots roll down slopes or perch on platforms, rectangles are precariously stacked against their neighbours. In this way a physical space is seemingly described, and the reading is shifted from pure abstraction towards something with a sense of narrative, as if a sequence of events is being recorded. Morgan aims to keep his work alive to multiple readings, and to extend implications outwards beyond physical parameters.


The resulting paintings are warmed by the natural wood grain beneath the translucent surface – tipping points between resolution and dissolution which reflect both the jeopardy and the hope of our world.


Jeremy Morgan’s vibrant artworks are the sixth of our 'Open Call' exhibitions.