The catalyst of Prasad Beaven’s art is nature; his watercolours are the result of his intricate relationship with the world around him.

Growing up in India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, Beaven was immersed into these mountains and fostered a love for the majestic beauty that all nature has to offer.


As a practitioner of meditation, Beaven emphasises the importance of inner well-being and strives to constantly achieve a state of peace. This is a peace which permeates, flows, and courses into the brushstrokes of his work. Each piece straddles abstraction and realism and so – much like nature – the work is removed from shallow classifications, existing in nuanced planes of reality. He endeavours to highlight the essence of nature’s phenomena while also expressing the internal world of the body. 


While completing a Master's in Traditional Arts, Beaven discovered Chinese Landscape Painting. The philosophical grounding of his chosen genre acted as a significant artistic revelation for him. Since graduating in 2021 and winning the prestigious Ciclitera prize Beaven has exhibited at the Mall Galleries, Affordable Art Fair, Fabriano Watercolour 2022 and most recently at Saatchi Gallery.


You can see more of Prasad's work through his website here.