Zari Sona Moti : Glitter Gold Pearl: Private view 11 March, 1-4pm

9 Mar - 3 Apr 2023

Saroj Patel and Mita Vaghela, artists and co-curators, bring fellow South Asian artists living in the UK together to celebrate their roots through experiences of parenthood.


Saroj Patel (co-curator)

Mita Vaghela (co-curator)

Madi Acharya-Baskerville

Asma Hashmi

Malinda Kaur

Remi Rana Allen

Lucy Soni

Sunil Soni


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 South Asians of every generation living in the UK manage a minefield of the sliding scale of code-switching between white-ness and brown-ness.


We are now in a landscape where many South Asians feel more comfortable embracing influences from both eastern and western cultures, which has come after decades of rejecting their own heritage in order to feel like they fit in.


Languages, cuisines, religions, and clothing are disappearing; and children are learning about these things as outsiders and tourists. When there is more than one cultural influence, 

how does the sense of self shift when they become parents or a carer for children?


Saroj Patel and Mita Vaghela are artists and co-curators of ‘Zari Sona Moti : Glitter Gold Pearls’, and have invited fellow South Asian artists living in the UK to celebrate their roots through experiences of parenthood.

Installation Views